Things to know about oil change

Things to know about oil change

November 18, 2019 Off By Admin

Many new drivers or car owners are often confused about the car oil change and wonder what is right for their car and whom to listen as there must be many people out there giving free advice on how to maintain car but a real owner should know what is best for their own. Here we have list down a few things about engine oil change in Abu Dhabi which will help you get through:

  • The best time to change oil

Stop seeking advice from experienced car owners who have been driving a 1995 model of Mustang and claims to know everything about cars or your mechanic who seems sincerely genuine about the advice which they will profit from. It is your car manual that is true to you about your car’s maintenance and operation so listen to it. Times have changed and the case for modern cars is very different as they will simply give you an alert for oil change by calculating the miles and style of driving. This solves almost all of the problems and you don’t have to worry about checking it again and again.

  • Checking oil levels

If you are not blessed with one of the modern cars where they show the oil repair mark itself then don’t worry as it is not hard to check the oil levels manually. First and foremost be aware of any leakage and get it checked as soon as you point it out, next keep your owner’s manual with you at all times because it can recommend you the best times of checking oil. Usually everyone should check oil levels every once in a month manually with a dipstick which is dipped into the oil tube and indicated if the oil is at its minimum or maximum level. Once you have the oil level in check you know it if it requires a refill or not.

Car batteries are a crucial matter and you must take care of it carefully even if you think that everything is alright and nothing needs to be done, you may not know about the underlying problems and this is when the usually maintenance routine comes in handy so never skip them.

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