How to run a salon

How to run a salon

August 21, 2019 Off By Admin

People earn money by two ways legally by doing business and by employment. More people prefer to do business, but due to budget they cannot start big businesses. Normally, people have low budgets because of this people try to find out low budget business for them. There are so many low budget businesses like real estate professional, tax management consultant, website developers, catering, bakery, grocery store, book store etc.

One another low budget small business is salon business. This business mainly requires your expertise regarding salon services. This can be obtained by getting training from reputable professionals and they are easily available in your city. The other requirements are place salon, equipment of salon and supplies of salon. These are available in every city.

Equipment include hair brushes (round brush, two vent brushes, paddle brushes, two smoothing brushes, thermal brushes etc.), comb (teasing comb, wide-tooth comb, rat tail comb, regular bomb, pitchfork comb and others), scissors (thinning scissor, barber scissor, etc.), hair clippers, electronic grooming equipment, hair styling tools, hair dryer, hair pinup tools, hair rollers, other supplies (hair clips, mixing bowl, apron, water sprayer, applicator brushes, paper towel, handheld mirror, geyser, rubber glove, plastic glove, shampoo, conditioner, hair straightening and perming kit, styling gel, serum, mousse, hair color, hair dye, hair extension, hair wig etc.), hair styling chair, hair steamer/ hair processor, hood dryer, shampoo bowl, hair styling station, carts, trolleys, reception desk, waiting area chair. 

These can be get new one but these are more expensive than the used ones. If your budget allows you buy the new one so go for the new one and if your budget is not enough than the better choice is to have the used ones. You can buy the used ones from the markets. In buying the used ones you have to be very careful that what you buy is in good condition and its life is not short or it become out of order in few time. Dubai is the city where people around the world come to have enjoyment from all the aspects. They also need a salon for their good look. They can find some good salons in Dubai. Those who want some special care for their nails than they can find some famous nail salon in motor city.