How to take care of your teeth in low budget?

How to take care of your teeth in low budget?

September 3, 2019 Off By Admin

Dentists in Abu Dhabi dental clinic suggest that there are many reasons of the yellow teeth and one of the reasons is a condition known as fluorosis which happens in the early childhood due to the consumption of fluoride in large quantity for a continuous period of time. This is normally present in the market bought baby food and also in candies and popsicles. These have to be avoided. On the other hand orthodontist in Abu Dhabi suggests that when people get the fake teeth due to some reason, those fake teeth will not be able to get whiter through the bleaching process. If you want them to e white then you have to change them after the bleaching process and get a new one which matches with your teeth. These processes are a bit expensive but you can take care of your teeth and keep them away from stains and yellow color through different low budget remedies at your home but always remember that these techniques should go side by side with dental checkups. Following are the remedies:

Oil pulling: It is the most easy and most cheap remedy one can do. This is also beneficial for the overall health of the bode not only for the oral health

Food: Natural food like some vegetables and fruits which have hard surface. These will help in removing stains when people chew them as the hard surface will do the effect of brushing.

Baking soda: It is another low budget solution for your yellow teeth but you have to be very careful while using it. It can be used with lime or vinegar and the bleaching agent in it will work on your teeth and make them stain free and look brighter. This remedy should be used less often like once a week or on alternate weeks because it has very strong bleaching power and if used regularly then it may damage your teeth.

Apple cider vinegar: It may be a bit expensive than the others but it also helps in removing stains from your teeth. It is used just like the oil pulling method. You have to take a small amount in your mouth and then gurgle it in your mouth thoroughly. You should use it before bed.