Things to avoid prior to finding an armored car

Things to avoid prior to finding an armored car

March 11, 2020 Off By Admin

Over the past few years, armored and military vehicles have become increasingly popular in many parts of the world. Their fame can be seen on many roads these days with many armored cars. It cannot be said that these cars are taking the market by storm but their share is growing day by day. This range can be determined by the number of vehicles each manufacturer sells, and according to that measure, this number is actually increasing. For example, when it comes to SUVs, the armored land cruiser has become the car of choice for passionate riders in GCC countries. Given their popularity, you may notice that most of these cars roam the streets of the UAE and Saudi Arabia. 

They are equally popular in other states and can be found in large numbers. You wonder if there is any way people can figure these cars out, or do they look like a regular unarmed Land Cruiser? The answer is that it depends on the whole armor of the car. If it is heavily armed, the shield will appear from some distance. However, the light armor does not look easy and you have to look closely to see if the car has armor. Learn more about it here, so keep reading:

What to Know?

When it comes to misconceptions about armored cars and SUVs, there are many. First, people think bullet-proof cars are expensive. In fact, some of them think these cars are ultra-expensive, which is not so. There are two types of shields, one is discrete and the other is finished. Discrete shielding takes place on a car that is not actually built as an armored car. In fact, it was converted into a regular car bullet proof or later order. On the other hand, a fully armored car is meant to be an armored car right off the assembly line. While models like the Range Row, Land Cruiser or other car are carefully selected, the model is kept in full armor. This includes change or panels, suspension, tires, axle and some other small parts. In essence, the car is fully armored from the ground up and then put on display or sold to a customer.

Click here to learn more about armored cars and why there are so many misconceptions about them on the market. It is about time to get on with things and find more about bulletproof cars before buying one.